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Ciao Bella Roma (copyright art of living,PrimaMedia,Inc. 2006)

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I am writing  from sunny Rome…The flight was wonderful, can’’t say the same about the food on the plane- that was terrible!!

But that’s okay I was dreaming of my breakfast (prima collazione) in Rome!!

I couldn’t wait to get my first cup of authentic cappuccino and a real cornetto (pronounced ‘cor-neh-toe) -the Italian version of the croissant- so first stop was Giolitti– one of Rome’s most famous coffee bars. Now my most perplexing dilemma was what flavor of cornetto I was going to take. Should I go for the healthy version which is called ‘integrale’ (that means whole wheat and is made with honey , no sugar)- or should it be the one with Italian pastry cream inside.? I took the ‘integrale’- there will be plenty of ? pastries with the authentic Italian cream. Anyway, it was a great choice- healthy never tasted so yummy!!

What a perfect way to wake all of your senses up in the morning!!

We are off to my mountain top villa in the mountains of  Abruzzo.

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