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Saving a dinner party…


Sorry my blog is short but I had a long first email and then phone conversation with one of my readers. She first emailed me this question and I could not resist but had to end up talking on the phone with her about this- I can never resist conversing with another food ‘devotee’.

I thought I would base my blog on our conversation- it’s a tip I shared with her and have shared with many other readers in the past. It relates to what do you do when you have dinner guests coming over and your planned dinner has just come out of the oven –not exactly the way it was supposed to.? There are many different ways to salvage a meal.

Since our conversation today was about a ruined meatloaf I am writing the instructions here that I gave about how to salvage a ruined meatloaf and turn it into a gourmet meal.


Your meatloaf goes to pieces!! Ughh!! What to do!!


? First of all, to keep a meatloaf in form, bake it in a small loaf pan that has been buttered and dusted with fine breadcrumbs. Before baking the meatloaf, brush on a beaten egg white to help maintain its form.


However, if your meatloaf falls to pieces when you cut it, here is a way to save the day. Don’t panic.. First, warm in a frying pan 1 tbsp of olive oil., place in a tbsp of chopped carrots, 1 tbsp chopped celery. Fry lightly for 1minute, then pour in a cup of plain tomato sauce or passata di pomodoro. Break up the meatloaf and place in pan. Cut in pieces two slices of prosciutto and add in. With wooden spoon- toss around the mixture and leave on the heat for about 3 minutes. Then take 1 ball of mozzarella (if possible use fresh) and chop into small squares. Add in and mix with wooden spoon. Take store made cannelloni and use this mixture to fill.? Butter a casserole dish and place each cannelomi in as you fill them. Cover with two small tsps of butter, grated cheese and some beschamel sauce. Place in oven under broiler till begins to brown on top and serve.


Thanks to Sue from Passaic NJ for her question. She will receive a ‘Basic Art of Italian Cooking’ Apron for sending me that question that we used today. If you have a culinary question, just email to me at:

If we use it, you will receive either a specially designed Basic Art of Italian Cooking Apron or canvas bag (whatever is in stock).


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