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Punta Da Vista (copyright ‘art of living PrimaMedia,Inc’, 2006)

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Technorati Tags : , , , , , , , , , Ads by AdGenta.comPunta Da Vista (point of view) It has always been my point of view that Italians were healthier and happier not just because of their relaxed lifestyle but also because of the foods that they eat. Nothing works better to cheer a person out of their doldrums more than eating a dish of homemade pasta with homemade sugo (light tomato sauce) and some parmigiano-reggiano cheese grated fresh on top. Add a glass of a good red Montepulciano or Chianti wine and finish with some fresh fruit. Your doldrums should disappear faster than it takes to finish this meal. The recipes for the ‘sugo’ and the pasta are in my book. If you don’t feel like taking the time to make the homemade pasta- although I do recommend it as a form of relaxation- you can buy the pasta made fresh. Here- in my little town- we have our fresh pasta store. If I don’t have the time to make the pasta- I know I can trust them to give me just what I need. I can tell Antonella what I am making and for how many people and she knows just the right quantity and the right thickness of the pasta. She cuts the pasta sheets to the correct size right in front of me. If you have a gourmet or Italian market near where you live there will most likely be someone making fresh pasta. If they really know their pasta and do it well- they should be able to give you the exact type of pasta you need just by knowing what type of sauce you are using and the amount of people you are cooking for. And if you can’t find a fresh pasta store, then go to your local market and in the refrigerated aisles- most have freshly made pasta. Still not quite the same taste as having it just made, but better than dry pasta. However, here is an old saying from Italy that has merit:Pane de sudore ha grande saporeLoosely translated means : The bread that you sweat for has the best taste.The motto: If you want the best taste- make it fresh yourself

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