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Gelato gelato

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How to choose your gelato flavors- Italian style!!- a most important decisionTechnorati Tags : , Ads by
One of my favorite past times is to spend time just watching people reacting to food that they have ordered in any type of eating establishments.  Some people have what can be described a ‘love affair’ with their foods.
In Italy -not some but all people do – have a love affair with their foods. We spend hours just discussing what makes gelato great or  mapping out the best gelato places. ‘Summers on the beach are usually spent on not only eating great foods but also discussing how to make great foods. Men and women alike can be heard discussing last night’s dinner and reciting their recipes as if it is their prized possession
Summer  also brings to mind the process of selecting the flavors of gelato you will eat that night. No, you just can’t arrive at your local ‘gelateria’ and order. You must have thought out- for most of the day- your selection of flavors  (most gelato places allow you to select 2-3 flavors when you order a cone of gelato).
It is always a mater of mixing the flavors that complement each other. You usually would not mix a cream flavor with a fruit  flavor unless they complement each other for instance a chocolate flavor- like ‘bacio’ or ‘gianduia’ would go great with a ‘fragola’ (strawberry) or banana.
 However, a melone (melon) would not mesh well with a chocolate,..and so on..
And if you pick the correct coordinating flavors you are in for one of the most intense flavor treats you can experience- which makes the time put into the selection well worth it.
We are known for being spontaneous at life but with our gelato selections we take no chances!!
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