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Taste of Wilmington

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Thank you to everyone that came out to my appearance today at the Taste of Wilmington event in Wilmington Delaware. Although the weather was miserable many of my fans still made it ‘through the rain’. Thank you all so much, I really enjoyed seeing some of my regular fans and seeing new ones. I hope you all enjoyed the new recipes you got to taste.
Special thanks to Mark Ferri and everyone from WJBR radio for their assistance in making things run smoothly!!
Special thanks to Tony Grisillo’s of Thriftway in Wilmington for the wonderful foods he provided me to work with!!
And for those of you that could not make it, here was today’s menu:
*Cold stuffed Genoese Mushrooms
*Pesto and sun dried tomato pesto panini with fresh mozzarella
*Bruschetta con salmone
*Cold pasta salad with walnut pesto
These are all new picniTechnorati Tags : , , cAds by type casual foods I worked on especially for this summertime event. This week I will be featuring the recipes for these dishes.
I met so many people that told me they are so intimidated by Italian cooking -but remember Italian cooking is all about using fresh high quality ingredients and keeping it simple but fresh.
I invented The Basic Art of Italian Cooking ™  for that very reason- to demonstrate recipes that are simple yet elegant and makes cooking a basic art. So really read the recipe, try- don;t be afraid, it is not as difficult as it seems. Once you try your first recipe, you will be’ hooked’ and have your friends and relatives ask you for more!!
Here is the first recipe:
Bruschetta con salmone:
*1 loaf of crusty Italian bread.- sliced into 1/4″ thick slices
*1/4 cup  extra virgin olive oil
*handful fresh parsley
*1- 8 ounce container whipped cream cheese
*1- 8 oz can salmon packed in water
*1/4 cup celery leaves (the leaves on top of celery stalks)
*1 stalk celery- chopped
Chop celery leaves and celery. Drain and flake salmon in small bowl. Drizzle with 1 tbsps olive oil. Add in chopped celery leaves- mix.
Place slices of bread on baking sheet. Drizzle with about 2 tblsps of olive oil. Place under broiler until toasty and golden (do not burn)- about 2-3 minutes).
Remove from oven, cool. Spread about 2 tsps of whipped cream cheese on each slice. Then top with salmon mixture. Repeat for every slice. Place slices on serving plate and sprinkle on finely chopped parsley. You may also substitute smoked salmon for canned.
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