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NBC 10! show and dinners on the terrazzo

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For all my friends throughout the Philadelphia, Pa., South Jersey, Wilmington Delaware area thank you for your support and catching my apperance on the 10! show on NBC there on July 17th!!
It was so nice to hear from those of you that caught my apperance and great to meet some new friends that were in the audience.
The bruschetta recipes I demonstrated come from recipes that I have created at my home in the mountains of Abruzzo. You probably know that ‘bruschetta was originally a food that was typically served in Abruzzo and Lazio. But now it has become wildly popular in the US as well as all over Italy.
When we eat outside on our terrazzo on a warm summer night bruschetta is our favorite food of choice- light, made with all fresh ingredients, quick to prepare and it is one of those elegant yet simple type foods.
With the right type of good, crusty bread, extra virgin olive oil, fresh herbs, vegetables, cheeses, meats and/or fish- there is nothing like bruschetta..
Please pronouncethe correct way bruschetta ( brew-skeh- ta).
If  you would like  copy of my recipes from this apperance, just send me an email at:
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