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Mercoledi in luglio

Posted in Caro Diario.(dear diary..)

Today, about 10 days and counting till I fly off to my sunny home in Italy and begin final work on my second book- CUCINA- The Basic Art of Italian Cooking -part II.  I can hear the church bells ringing out over the mountain already.
 The beauty and serenity of the mountains in Abruzzo always puts me in a creative mood- of course being surrounded by wonderful little food establishments doesn’t hurt either. On a break I can step out of my office and savor a slice piece of the most wonderful feshly made pizza and then head over to the new elegant coffee bar- Les Folies -for  an elegant cup of espresso after lunch.
Wonderful as that is, it is always difficult being away from home. You see when I am in Italy I am away from my home and famuily in the States and when I am in  the States, well a little part of me is missing also because I miss Alfonso and my home there.  It is quite a bittersweet existence that my grandparents began.
You are a person divided into two pieces- you feel fortunate because you have two homes full of people that you love in two different very far away places- but also feel so unfortunaTechnorati Tags : , , Ads by AdGenta.comte that you know you will be missing someone intensely at any given time.
La Luna -the moon (to Italians is a powerful thing) and I have learned to find solace by every night, especially when I have a feeling of missing someone immensely- I know that I can look at the same moon that all my family and friends all over the world are looking at- maybe not at the same time-but it is the same moon that they see at night. This is my way of thinking of everyone at the same time  and knowing that everyone is out there thinking of me too!!
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