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Il tempo passa

Posted in Caro Diario.(dear diary..)

La vita passa ….How quickly life seems to go.. It only seems like yesterday I was counting the days to go before I go to my mountain home in Italy and get to work in my serene office in the mountains of Abruzzo. 
Il tempo passa…..How time flies as well!! Only 48 hours till I get to have my first authentic cup of espresso at Palombini Coffee Bar in Rome right in view of the ‘square coliseum’ in the section of Rome known as EUR.
48 hours to go before I savor an authentic gelato, to an authentic cornetto (Italian version of a croissant) and my favorite pizza in Trastevere..Ohh how did I last this long without these yummy delights! I wonder what wonderful fruits and vegetables I will find growing in the little farm in front of our villa. usually at this time of the year we get juicy ‘susine’. These are Italian plums- small sweet and juicy. Of couse there is always rosemary growing in our organic garden and I htink I’ll probably find some fresh artichokes..
I will be back in when I arrive on Monday or Tuesday- give me someTechnorati Tags : , , Technorati Tags : , , time to get over my jet lag..
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