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Caro Diario- August 14th

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Caro Diario (dear diary): today is the 14th of August, the day before the biggest summer holiday for the Italians. It is a holiday known as Ferragosto or 15th of August. It dates back to the ancient Roman days and is celebrated all over Europe. Most everyone goes to the beach or the mountains. It usually marks the end of the summer. 
Last year, I was in Nice, France and we had fireworks on the beach for the 14th and 15th of August- today I am at my office and my villa in the mountains here in Abruzzo..
 This morning I made a  ‘pasticcio de tonno’ for tomorrow’s picnic. We will have our feast on the terrace  at home overlooking the mountains here in Abruzzo
‘pasticcio de tonno’ is a great dish for the summer. Here is my recipe, (but prepare the night ahead so it has a chance to become firm and all the flavors ‘kick in’):
*2 lbs of potatoes
*2 tablespoons of finely chopped parsley
*1/4 tsp of hot red pepper
*1 small red onion
*1 tblsp of mayonnaise
*1 -16 ounce can of tuna packed in olive oil
*filtered juice of 1 lemon
Boil potatoes ,cook till firm but done. While still hot, peel and cut into small cubes. Set aside in one bowl. Add in, chopped parsley, hot pepper and juiceof one lemon. Stir and let sit for 5m inutes. In another bowl- flake tuna that has been drained and mix in finely chopped onion, mayonnaise.
Cover small round cake pan with baking paper. Brush baking paper with olive oil. layer one half of potato mixture on bottom and press firmly. Then spread tuna mix on top and cover with remaining potato mixture. Press firmly again, but do not smash potatoes while pressing. Place in refrigerator for at least two hours. Invert onto flat plhttp://www.marialiberati.comTechnorati Tags : , , Ads by AdGenta.comate garnish with fresh parsley and/or fresh celery leaves. Cut and serve.
Don’t forget to compliment this dish with a light white wine- like Chianti, Falenghina or Trebbiano.
 Buon Ferragosto a tutti!!
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