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My Favorite Things — Part 2

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One of the most important tools a chef can have in the kitchen is a great set of knives. Not just any old set will do. You might be able to get by with a plain old sharp kitchen knife, but if you really want to create amazing dishes with ease, you need the right tools.

I am so pleased to feature the best set of knives you will ever own. Ergo Chef is “the new shape of cutlery.” These knives are designed with a chef in mind. Each knife is ergonomically designed that is one piece of fully forged German? stainless steel with precision groung blade for superior? sharpness and balance.? Secondly, the seamless handles are coated in an industry-approved anti-bacterial coating. These knives were designed to feel more natural in your hand, and give more balance and control with all cutting tasks. And the best part? Each knife has a full lifetime warranty and 30-day money back guarantee from Ergo Chef.

I use these knives in my own kitchen. The 9-inch Pro-Series Offset Multipurpose knife is phenomenal at cutting? bread.

Ergo Chef Bread Knife?

This knife slices through hard, crusty Italian bread simply and quickly without flattening it like other, duller knives.

If you really only buy one knife from this amazing set, I highly recommend the 8-inch Pro-Series Patented Chef knife. This knife is known as the “work-horse of the kitchen!”

Ergo Chef Chef's Knife?

It does EVERYTHING. Use it to slice and dice,? chop and julienne your vegetables, and cut any meat — even through the? bone! This knife truly is a work-horse and can do anything.

Right now, you can get these fantastic knives for a discounted price by ordering through my website here.? Ergo Chef? also makes accessories to go with your knives: Diamond sharpening steels,? wooden storage blocks and cutlery bags,? bamboo cutting boards, and more.

These knives will make a great gift for the gourmands in your life!

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