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A few days ago, I was specially invited to take an architectural tour of a very small town that is nestled in the mountains of Abruzzo called Tortoreto. A well-known Italian architect has been commissioned to restore the historic part of the town that dates back before the 1700s.

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As you might guess by the name in the picture, my family has some deep-rooted ties to this town. Noblemen in my family had the Palazzo Liberati (Liberati Palace) and the town square in front of the palace is called Piazza Liberati.

This is the Palazzo Liberati.

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Yesterday, I posted reason #1 why you should use olive oil in your cooking: it is rich in vitamins E, A, D, F and K. Olive oil is a unique oil that is obtained in one of the most natural methods (pressing the juice out of the olive), without any other chemical process necessary and without colorings, or conservatives it maintains all of its vitamins. So when you go to buy olive oil, be sure it is extra virgin and cold pressed to get all of its benefits.

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