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Ciao Carnevale

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Well, unfortunately, Carnevale is over! Yesterday was the official day and closing of the festivities, and it truly has been wild and fun. There were so many amazing costumes like Arlecchino.

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Arlecchino is a popular costume for Carnevale because of it’s sweet story.

Once upon a time there was a baby boy named Arlecchino, who was very poor and lived with his mother in a little tiny box of a house. Arlecchino went to school and for Carnevale the teacher organized a beautiful festa (party), and she requested that all of the students in school come dressed in costume to the party. The children enthusiastically accepted the idea and quickly began speaking about their colorful, beautiful costumes. However, Arlecchino did not participate in this enthusiasm, but sat quietly in a corner because he knew that his mother was so poor and she would never be able to buy him a beautiful costume for this festa!

The other children did not like seeing Arlecchino so sad. So they all decided to find a material that was multi-colored? and each bring a square to ArlecchinoÂ’s mother to make a costume. To surprise him, his mother worked all through the night, combining the colorful squares of material. When Arlecchino awoke the next morning, he awoke to find a beautiful costume. When he arrived at school, his fellow students all agreed that Arlecchino had the most colorful and beautiful costume of all.

Here are some pictures of others dressed for delightful Carnevale:

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Costumes for Carnevale have a lot to do with where the wearer is from. Northern Italy, for example, is where you’d find people dressed as Arlecchino. Here is a map of where the costumes have originated.

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The end of Carnevale marks the end for my stay in Italy as well. Next week, I’ll be back home in the States continuing on my book now that I have fresh stories and recipes to add. Until next Friday!

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