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Spaghetti..that comfort food of ours

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Spaghetti: an old favorite
My sister’s big birthday was yesterday. As the youngest in the family she has finally passed that milestone marker into adulthood at a whopping 18 years. For such a momentous occasion I asked her what kind of celebration was planned. She said, “We’re all going to have dinner here at the house.” I asked her, “What’s cooking?” But I didn’t need to ask, I already knew that it was spaghetti and tomato sauce, probably served with green salad and tons of garlic bread. Everyone that knows our family knows that a dinner invite to the house will always entail spaghetti. Even though we fix it at least twice a week, it is still a very special and dear dish to our hearts. It’s the first dish that both my sister and I learned to cook. Traditionally on spaghetti nights the women in my family crowd into our cozy kitchen to chop peppers and mushrooms, sprinkle (sometimes throw) seasoning, while we nibble at garlic bread and gab about the day. Admittedly Mom’s spaghetti has improved over the years, acquiring a more mature taste. And we now have the joy of her fresh herb garden just steps from our kitchen door.
The other day while I was doing some research I ran across a Spaghetti cook-off contest that is held annually in the town of Independence, Louisiana. I joked with my Mom that she should enter her spaghetti. Most people, myself included, would associate Louisiana with jambalaya, craw fish, and spicy Cajun food. But the town of Independence is nicknamed “Little Italy” apparently for their fine Italian food. So every year at the end of April Independence organizes various music performances, including the Bayou Boogie-Band, a beauty pageant to crown the ‘Italian Festival Queen’ and most importantly a spaghetti cook-off. Though my Mom won’t be entering the contest, I have become quite curious just what kind of spaghetti Louisiana can boast of, I guess I will have to make it down to Independence one of these days and try it myself.
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That’s all for now..Cheers..Katie

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