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Palladio-the master of architecture

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Quattrocento:  Andrea Palladio


Andrea Palladio, son of miller, Petrol della Gondola and Marta “la zota” was born in the Padova, the “Saint’s City”, Padova, in 1508.  He worked in the city of Padova as a chiseler in the workshop of Bartholomeo Cavazza, from Sossano in particularly difficult conditions.


Palladio made an attempt to visit Vicenza, Italy in 1524.  At this time, he becomes associated with the workshop of Pedemuro San Biagio, Giovanni of Giocomo from Porlezza, and Girolamo Pittoni from Lumignano, three very accomplished and famous sculptures from Vicenza.  This position will change Palladio’s entire life.


Palladio worked on the building site of the urban villa, Cricoli, from 1535-1538.  It is there that he meets, Giangiorgio Trissio, the poet and humanist.  Trissio offers to become Palladio’s patron.  Trissio endows him with the nickname “Palladio.”  Trissio guides him in the study of classical architecture and supports Palladio’s trip to Rome.


In Rome, Palladio becomes more aware of his love of architecture by studying the beauty of the ancient buildings and monuments, the constructive techniques and spatial relationships.


Under the guidance of his patron, Palladio meets the famous architects of his time:  Michelango, Serlio, Romano, and Bramante.  In 1540, Palladio is ready begins to work on his own as an architect.  His projects include the Civena Palace near the Furo Bridge in Vincenza and the Godi villa in Lonedo.


The architectural masterpieces of Palladio’s career were the Chiericati palace, villa Barbara in Maser, the “Malcontenta” in Mira, Venetian churches in Redentore and of St. Girogio Maggiore.  In 1570, Palladio published “The four books of architecture” which summarized both his philosphies and experience.
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