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Leon Battista Alberti

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Quattrocentro:  Profile of Italian Renaissance Architect:  Leon Battista Alberti



Italian Renaissance Architect, Leon Battista Alberti was a native to Genoa, Italy.  He was born in 1406.  He began his artistic studies in Padua and Bolonia, but the most important period of his education was done in Rome.  In 1432, he started to work in the office of an apostolic abbreviator.  He studied the finite components of classic architecture—design, proportion, decorations, and projecting.


He met fellow architects, Brunelleschi, Donatello, Mosaccio in Florence Italy in 1434.  Following this association, he wrote the treatise “Della pittura (1435).  In this work, Alberti collected and studied architectural works by Brunelleschi.  He outlined the theories of Florentine art at the beginning of the 15th century.


Supported by the Italian family, Rucellai, Alberti left a profound legacy of work.  The Palazzo Ruccellai (1447-1451) was done in a style which emulated the homes of the nobility in Florence.  His other works, Il Tempietto de San Sepolcro in Cappella Rucellai and the church of San Pancrazio were great architectural achievements.


Alberti was the symbol of the ideal artist of the Italian Renaissance.  He created a cornerstone for future artists in the fields of painting, sculpture, literature and philosophy and architecture.Ads by


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