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Tis the season for Strawberries
Here in Athens walking through the market there are piles and piles of ripe strawberries begging to be grabbed by the handfuls. As a child my favorite book was The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear. It was about the most beautiful ripe strawberry that a little mouse finds. The mouse spends the entire book hiding and disguising this strawberry from the big hungry bear that is trying to eat it. My obsession with the book had nothing to do with the story and everything to do with the illustrations of this Big Red Strawberry. There is such a wonderfully thrilling beauty of a red strawberry and green top which is only amplified when they¢re stacked in piles throughout a street market.
In the States there are tons of strawberry festivals this time of year that serve globs and globs of strawberry shortcake. It seems the strawberry is the most celebrated fruit. Yes, it has the unique feature of bearing its seeds on the outside, which is how it was originally linked as an aphrodisiac. But there has to be something else for there to be all this fuss about it?
Personally I enjoy strawberries in all kinds of desserts, topping cheesecakes, strawberry flavored ice cream, garnishing a rich chocolate cake, accompanying champagne. But my favorite way to enjoy strawberries is in their raw form. I love a big bowl of red strawberries with fresh cream on the side. In my opinion there is no other more satisfying way to eat a strawberry.

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