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Summertime Sangria Festa!

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Today, still here on the East Coast (of the USA) with record breaking temperatures I am so reminded of the great summer “festa s” I always look forward to in July and August in Italy and am so anticipating. So many of them revolve around making special food dishes for large groups of people.. it is so interesting how many recipes are almost made to be a group taks. for instance Sangria-which can be great in the summer or winter- but especially refreshing on a hot summer night- is really made to be put togetether by more than one person. The EU (European Union has decided that it can not be called Sangria- unless it has the authentic fresh fruits that make it so authentic. Sangria is popular all over Europe not just in Spain. To get that authentic Sangria taste make it with your friends- since everyone can share in doing a part of the recipes- it won’t take as long and is a great weekend way to make a casual summertime festa. Anyway here is an Italian Sangria:
from the bestsdelling book The Basic Art of Italian Cooking, by Maria Liberati, copyright 2005-2006, art of living ,PrimaMedia,Inc.

1-bottle of red wine

2 cups sparkling water or soda

½ cup cognac

1 cinnamon stick

2 tblsps sugar

1 whole orange sliced

1 whole lemon sliced

2 fresh peaches,washed, peeled, cut into cubes

4 ounces raspberries-washed

½ lb fresh strawberries,washed, hulled

1 tsp of cloves


Place all fruit as directed into a wine carafe, pour in wine and all other ingredients except sparkling water. Let sit for 2 hours. Before serving add sparkling water and ice.


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