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Trastevere, pizza, part I

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I’ve called this Trastevere, part I because-as one of my favorite neighborhoods in Rome- I have a sneeking suspicion- I will need to write much more about this eclectic little part of Rome than one blog can hold.
Sundays in Rome are my favorite.. and Alfonso and I do have our favorite Sunday spots-Trastevere is one.
Away from the maddening crowd and out of the center of the city is this little ‘quartiere’. But please take note, no trip toTrastevere would be perfect without a visit to’ LaRanella’.   Just follow your nose to the haunting aroma of freshly baking pizza and you will find it.
After all, that is how we discovered it. When we began making it our Sunday in Rome tradition for the perfect Sunday lunch, it seemed that no one else knew about it. With no sign in the front, just long beads hanging over the doorway-the only way to describe it to people was to tell them to follow their nose.
But now the word has been spreading-very quickly- I must say. On any given Sunday you will be waiting in line for at least 20 minutes for that ‘slice of heaven’-but it is well worth the wait.
If you can’t make it to Trastevere but want to taste that ‘slice of heaven’-then try the second best choice- make it yourself. Of course at La Ranella there are many toppings to choose from-
my favorite is fresh Arugula with shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. This is a nice light topping- a white pizza so there is no sauce. To top a pizza with arugula and shaved parmigiano-reggiano:
Bake your thin pizza crust. take out of the oven and top with freshly washed arugula leaves, shave fresh parmigiano-reggaino cheese on top, drizzle with extra virgin, cold presssed olive oil-and your pizza is ready to be sliced and served.
I will give my recipe for pizza dough in one of my next blogs.
If you go to Trastevere and taste ,taste , taste-please email and send some photos..
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