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Business as usual or not so usual in Italy..

Posted in Caro Diario.(dear diary..)

Business as usual here in Italy or not so usual. Well yes, the plane touched down here in beautiful Roma on August 1st. Of course I was met with all of the confusion that is going on at Leonardo Da Vinci airport and not being able to find baggage. Luckily I recovered all my bagage, since I had my manuscript and other assorted writings, appointment addresses, contact phone numbers my business meeting itinerary and disks packed safely away in my luggage. Although it took about 2 hrs to find them. Some others were not so lucky.
And I just about got over my jet lag when my first appointment with the famed architect artist -Mariano Moroni and I had a meeting to go over my next book project that he will be illustrating. 
With the help of theAds by talented interns at my US  office  this summer, we were able to finish up the manuscript (just before I arrived) and I was ready to present it to him this past week… (as I held my breath) waiting to hear his reaction.
He loved the manuscript proposal and has made a final agreement to do a collection of art work for my book.  We will be meeting many times before I leave in  September  to go over the book and  works of art he will be creating for this project.
Unfortunately, I can’t reveal all of the details of this book project yet till it is just about ready to be published- but I can say it will be special and is an idea that was not the original project we had in mind, but I know you will like it. Also stay tuned for some special photos I will be posting on the blog of one of my meetings with Mariano Moroni and some of my other meetings here to discuss my book..
The combination of food and art.. what could be better..
Ciao for  now..
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