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Suppose enjoyment would have a simple zest, which it often lacks if we always did things at the moment we want to- for it’s mostly when we can’t, that we’re thoroughly sure we would and we can answer too little for moods in the future conditional.

Today the crisp feel in the autumn air, smell of fresh apples at the market made me realize finally that the Holiday season is coming near. This so  made me wish that I could be in my kitchen in the mountains of Abruzzo making the painstakingly time  consuming Panettone.  But do I really want to spend 24 hours kneading and baking this Holiday delight. Well it’s nice to suppose!! But realistically since we all don’t have 24 hours to devote to bread baking these days I have come up with a quicker version of this Holiday delight so you can have a stress free yet delicious Holiday. By the way the recipe uses  all real ingredients -so we have not sacrificed quality.

Here it the simple Panettone recipe, share the link with others and don’t forget to share where you may suppose you could be as well:

Ciao for now!

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