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Suppose enjoyment would have a simple zest, which it often lacks if we always did things at the moment we want to, for it’s mostly when we can’t that we are thoroughly sure we would, and we can answer too little for moods in the future conditional….

Today, the weather was crisp and it was evident that the Holiday season is approaching…  So, all I could think of was that I wish I was in the mountains of Abruzzo in my kitchen able to concentrate on making my panettone for the upcoming Holidays.

Panettone has now become an all around the world staple for the Holidays. I can’t get to the mountains of Abruzzo quite yet,  but soon.

 But in the meantime, I have come up with a quick, easy recipe to make a panettone. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how quick you can create this wonderful bread.

Here it is:

Please share the link with others while you share your wish of where you want to be..

Ciao for now!

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