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The Basic Art of the bubbly….

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Now that the holiday seasons are upon us – cocktail parties and feasts surround us. While food is one of the most important  ingredients to these events and the  cocktails and even those wine pairings with food are fun and festive- did you know that those imported mineral waters can also be paired with foods and courses?

Water tastings and pairings have become as important as the wine tastings. Many fine dining places have not only wine menus but also water menus filled with over 50 types and brands of waters from especially Italy but all over the world.

So, if you would like to add an interesting touch to your holiday event- add in a water tasting or pairing with imported mineral waters- certainly a healthy touch to any meal.

And while in the US we may think of water as all virtually the same- in Europe- waters come from many different mineral springs. The quality and quantity and types of minerals depend on the spring that the waters come from. They  do have many different qualities and health benefits and are even prescribed for various ailments.

Many of the waters- especailly the ones that are naturally carbonated do really aid in digestion. You may want to drink a plain (non-carbonated water) to quench your thirst. But if you are enjoying a heavy meal or one htat has any types if fats in it -you might want to consider adding a a few glasses of mineral water between courses this holiday season- to aid in the digestion.

To practice the fine art of water tasting this season, here are some tips for your holiday table:

*Place two water glasses at each place setting- one for non-carbonated and one for naturally carbonated water.

*To really appreciate the fine art of mineral water-serve naturally carbonated imported waters. These waters were carbonated naturally by the springs they come from. Plain soda water that was carbonated by a factory does not have the same health benefits or taste.

*Serve  the naturally carbonated mineral water chilled to a temperature of about 45 degrees. Serve uncarbonated water chilled to about 50 degrees.

* Do not add ice cubes to the water-this will diminish the true flavor of the mineral water. Chill the water itself and serve chilled.

*Encourage your guests to drink the naturally carbonated mineral water between courses during your meal, this will naturally aid in digestion.

This is another healthy addition to any meal or party and no calories either!!

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