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The Basic Art of the ..bubbly-part II

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As mentioned in my last posting- water tasting has become an art unto itself- much like wine tastings.  Naturally carbonated waters have a really powerful effect in aiding digestion . So especially during holiday meals-consider drinking a few sips of mineral  water in between your courses this year.

Each mineral water in Italy comes from a different spring and therefore has its’ own characteristic. Some have a harsher taste than others because of their strong mineral content and some taste lighter because of less minerals being present in the water. This will depend on the age of the spring and its’ natural surroundings as well as other factors.

Some of the reasons to practice tasting and appreciating different mineral waters is that you will soon learn to distinguish between their characterstics and be able to describe the qualities of specific waters and expertly pair the waters with wine and food.

Here are the steps of how to conduct a mineral  water tasting:

Step 1-Pour

As soon as bottle is opened, pour into a water glass

Step 2- Taste 

 Take about 2 tblsps of the water into your mouth. Let it remain on your tongue and then distribute it throughout your mouth. Notice the tastes and feel of the water.

Step 3- Observe

Raise your glass to eye level. Then lower glass to observe it from above.

Step 4- Smell

Raise glass up under your nose, and breathe in deeply.

Step 5- Second taste

Once again, take a generous sip of the water and let it linger on your tongue.

Tanti Auguri!!
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