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Overheard in Italy..

Posted in Caro Diario.(dear diary..)

copyright, Maria Liberati 2008

As I am still working out of my office in Italy and not only testing my own recipes for my book but have also been invited to many wonderful eating establishments and part of many heavenly dinners here – I wanted to share something that I overheard  recently. It is something very insightful and definitely goes along with the Italian way of thinking

“The chef is a utopian being,  Food is the heart and soul of any chef. Every meal is a revelation. A chef does not usually eat what he/she prepares, He/she is happy to only taste the dish. The chef, in fact doesn’t cook for him or herself but the others. The dish they prepare is undoubtedly, delicious, but the chef searches for a more intense pleasure, their food is another thing. The chef truly feasts on the joy of  the people who partakes in the meal with them or ( in Italian called -‘I commensali’). When their guests remark on how delicious or superb the meal is- that is the realization of a chef’s dream and their true joy and enjoyment of the meal more than the enjoyment of the food. A true cook really feasts with their eyes and ears”

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