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Carnevale in Rome..

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Carnevale in Roma ..Luckily I returned to the States on Feb 6th and we were able to spend Carnevale- Feb 5th in Rome- really where Carnevale originated.

It was a day..and night filled with colorful costumes and confetti being thrown in the air, the main piazzas were coated with colorful confetti by day’s end.

The city was also buzzing with reporters and news cameras from all over the world while Italy attempted to resolve its’ political crisis that very day.  A Super Tuesday for Rome.

But a night in Rome is not complete until we have had our gelati at Giolitti and coffee at St. Eustachio.. Or vice versa…but once that last bite of panna from the gelato has been savored it is time to take one final ‘passaggiata’ before the night ends and then retire to home. 

The day had been bright and sunny- a typical Roman afternoon with the sun shining down on the eternal city and the night was a cool Rome evening,but still warm enough to eat ‘al fresco’ ..

Ahh souvenirs of Rome are my vivid memories of the colors of Carnevale, the tastes of the special cakes like bugie and castagnole,  the vivid brightness of the  Roman sun-difficult to capture in words…and a special evening filled with sights of the Fountain of Trevi, the Pantheon and Piazza delle Minerva.. Sights that are a special souvenir…

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