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Broccoli Rabe Day..

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Yesterday I received a message from a new website that is dedicated to promoting Made In Italy food and food products. A message telling me that a feature article about me was appearing on their site.  Go to for the article but also many great recipes from chefs at restaurants in Italy…..this site is really delizioso!!
Speaking of I decided to buy some broccoli can read all about this vegetable that is full of it is not only delicious to eat but also great for of my favorite functional foods.

Read all about this food at

There are so many things you can do with broccoli rabe, including sauteeing with just olive oil and garlic.  But if you would like to try something different here is an interesting recipe- Broccoli Rabe egg rolls… sent to me by my great friend Frankie Imbergamo, author of The Good Life Cookbook and frequent guest on the Emeril Lagasse show (before it ended production on the Food Network) The only change I would make to this recipe..since my motto is that foods should be functional and serve two functions-not only satisfy your hunger but also nourish you and provide something that is always healthy- I would take out the sausage and either add in a soy substitute for the sausage or no meat at all. But if you really like the sausage, only add in small quantities so you get the taste without a lot of fat..

Also be sure to properly cut and cook the broccoli rabe, it can be a tough veggie to chew if not cooked and cleaned properly..

Enjoy..let me know if you  try this or if you have another interesting take on a recipe…

That is my souvenir of today the special broccoli rabe dish …. 

Ciao for now Maria

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