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Amore De Vino..part due

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Today, someone wrote to find out how they could be prepared for last minute parties and what are the best ingredients to have on hand. You know it really is possible to throw a party together in 10 minutes with the right ingredients.. 

The easiest thing to keep on hand, for quick last minute parties -are extra bottles of champagne or sparkling wines like Prosecco and AstiSpumanti, and Bracchetto D’Acqui
Nothing makes an occasion more festive than a special a bottle of the bubbly wines.
*Bottles can be stored for some time,so are easy to keep on hand.
*Champagne and sparkling wines are versatile-you can serve with appetizers, and first courses as well as cook with them.
 Risotto with champagne can be put together with a few simple ingredients and serves with that very champagne. You can make cocktails and drinks with it.

If this wine stuff tickles your fancy, come join us at the Wine School in Philadelphia on March 7th. Learn the basics of cooking with wine and champage..

Ciao for now,Maria..

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