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Strawberries and Cream

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Spring is almost upon us! It is difficult  to believe when all we see are visions of snow. But I believe in the power of positive thinking… think of Spring and all the many Holidays Spring brings with it.

Spring is a time of hope, rebirth, renewal and love.. So celebrate..

In Italy we are getting ready to celebrate Easter- a holiday second to Christmas. And with it comes baskets of all shapes and sizes filled with so many different things and for young and old alike. Gift baskets are always as much fun to receive as they are to give.

Celebrate some of the many Spring Holidays and give  a festive gift basket with products they will love.  Gift basketscan be filled with wines, gourmet cheeses, spices, teas, coffee and so many more gourmet foods.

Of course for the kiddies, stick to the chocolates..but now you can also give a basket to adults and those of us not wanting to fill up on sugary chocolates and that have sophisticated tastes.

Keep in the spirit of the spring Holidays and give  a special gift basketfilled with something special. I love to surprise friends and  colleagues with baskets but don’t have the time to make them up. But you can  also buy them online and have them shipped directly to anyone you want with a special card included from you.  And you can choose the recipients’ favorite products.

Baskets can say something about your tastes as well. I always send gourmet gift basketsfor family or friends or corporate gifts. Unique gourmet food products are also fun for the recipient to enjoy-something out of the ordinary. Your gift basket can be a taste adventure in itself..

Gift basketscan be great anytime of the year to show your appreciation with more than words. A special gift can transform a thought into a special memory.

Alina S. from Seattle emailed to tell me how she made up a Basic Art of Italian Cooking  gift basket and included the bestselling book The Basic Art of Italian Cooking with a bottle of Italian wine and Italian biscotti and Italian olive oil.   She sent this as a corporate gift to thank clients for past business. She knew these clients loved Italian foods and they loved the baskets as well!

And here is a special dessert for Spring, this is a special dessert for Easter in Italy. it’s made with a Colomba (an Easter sweet bread that most gourmet stores in the US carry now)-you may also even be able to send one with your gift basket.

Colomba with Strawberry Cream (crema alle fragole)

1 colomba

1 lb of fresh strawberries

4 egg yolks

1/3 cup sugar

2 tblsps of flour

1/2 cup milk

1 tsp of vanilla

Wash strawberries and hull, pat dry and place in food processor. In seperate bowl whip egg yolks with sugar, then add in flour,vanilla and milk. Whip with wire whisk. Place on heat and bring to boil stirring with wire whisk constantly. When begins to boil, remove from heat and add in strawberry puree and whisk, Serve the colomba sliced with the strawberry sauce on top.

*if you can’t find a colomba-substitute sliced angel food cake.


Ciao for now!!

For more recipes get the best selling book The Basic Art of Italian Cooking at

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