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Cerasuolo, Fresh Figs and a Terrazzo in the August Sun

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cerasuolo.jpgfigtreeumbria.jpgThe souvenir  I am sending from Italy is the fresh summer meal eaten outside on the terrazzo under the warm August sun. Our terrazzo overlooks the mountains of Abruzzo so the calm and quiet of a Saturday afternoon in the dead of summer is especially relaxing..only the sound of the birds chirping in the background and an occasional car and vespa driving by interrupted the quiet. The peaceful quiet made it easy to meditate on the beauty surrounding me, nothing artificial all  created by mother nature..the trees, the grass, the roling hills and mountains in the landscape, the chirping birds, the shining sun.   Makes you wonder what else could one need here? Think about it ,the relaxing quiet of no clutter just the things nature has given us,,

 The wine that acompanied the meal was a Cerasuolo-made in Abruzzo. But the best part of the meal was the dessert-fresh figs from our garden-we just had to reach up and take our choice of  the ripes ones.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could pick all of our foods that way-just go in your backyard and pick what you want-the fruits and vegetables still full of vitamins and minerals and flavor.. 

Cerasuolo, fresh figs and a terrazzo…and the August sun..what a day’s memory..

I will be posting many of the recipes for dishes I prepared each day while here later on in the next two weeks.  The next two weeks are a whirlwind of interviews and appearances for me- Umbria, Chieti, Pescara, Rome,Abruzzo.

I will be bringing back fresh memories and recipes from all places that is one thing for certain aside fro mthe fascinating people and places I will visit..

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