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Giardinera at Le Cordon Bleu-Boston

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0251.jpggiardinera-1.jpgHere is  another recipe Chef Enea Barbanera shared while I was at Le Cordon Bleu in Boston last week. The event was in conjunction with the Italian Culinary Foundation and it was a tasty one!

This recipe is one of my favorites since it is a very traditional Italian dish-Giardinera, and by the way it is healthy since it contains all fresh vegetables. Great as an antipasto!

Use this for one of your Holiday appetizers..


*Cauliflower (florets only)- 1 lb 2 ounces
*Zucchini cut into small pieces-1 lb. 2 zs.

*Carrots-cut int osmall discs-1 lb 2 ozs

*Green Onions- 1lb 2 ozs.

*Mushrooms- cut in half-1lb 2 ozs.

*Scallions-1 lb 2 ozs.

*Red & Green Peppers- cut into small irregular pieces-1 lb 2 ozs.

For the marinade:
*White Wine Vinegar-4 cups

*Dry White Wine- 4 cups

*Salt-2 tblsps

*Sugar-3/4 cup

*1 bay leaf

*Blak Pepper to taste

*Grated Orange peel of one orange

For Preserving:
*White Wine Vinegar-2 cups

*Dry White Wine-2 cups

*Green Peppercorns-2 tblsps

Clean, cut and blanche vegetables (do nor overcook). Mix marinade ina bowl and palce in blanched vegetables.  When vegetables are cooled, trasfer to preserving jars.

Boil the vinegar and white wine for preserving together. Pour hot liquid over vegetables. Clean edges of jars and hermetically seal the jars. You can consume this immediately.

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“Mangia Bene, Vivi Bene”


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