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Orvieto & Tagliatelle al Fresco

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tagliatelle-2.jpgorvieto-ir1496.jpg  Our November newsletter will be released soon so many of you will be receiving it shortly, but we are going to post excerpts of the newsletter here.

 We  are so  busy finishing up our first annual Holiday Guide for The Basic Art of Italian Cooking by Maria Liberati tm December issue and blog(s).  It is really fun seeing all of those interesting and great products that help to promote cooking as an art.  Besides the office and cooking kitchen being filled  to capacity with so many of these  products from those companies that hope to make the Guide. My editorial staff and I have the difficult choice of making our selections. But we also have to test the products and put some through their paces  before we make our final decisions for   those that make the Holiday Guide. …stay tuned we will all soon find out.. here’s  a sneek peek into November’s upcoming issue:

Orvieto: The Grand Hill Town”

copyright, 2008, Maria Liberati

Editor: Britany Lavin

The Basic Art of Italian CookingTM cooking school and boot camp was just held in the city of Orvieto. Orvieto is a city located in southwestern Umbria, Italy. It is situated on the summit of a large hill and the city offers the most dramatic view in Europe.

When visiting Orvieto, one should be prepared for to travel through history. There is evidence from almost every period of time for the last three thousand years. It is an ideal tourist spot, as it offers transportation to the top of the cliff by means of escalators, lifts, and a funicular. This is proof that the city has been modernized for today, as one used to have to ride a mule to get to the top!

The hill town also offers several famous sites such as its grand Duomo cathedral. This cathedral is home to “the bloody cloth” which is a relic of a time when the communion bread bled and the blood stained a linen cloth. The cloth was brought to the pope, who was visiting at the time. The cathedral was then built in honor of this miraculous event. With its sparkling mosaics and stained glass, it is definitely one of the beauties of the city.

Another popular sight in Orvieto is the Pozzo di San Patrizio- the well of Saint Patrick. Designed in the 16th century, it is 175 feet deep and 45 feet wide. The well has two spiral staircases and a bridge at the bottom where people can scoop up water. Modern engineers are still on awe of the structure and it is yet another gem the city has to offer.

Orvieto is also famous for its classico wine. This wine is primarily white and dry and made from the grapes in surrounding vineyards. After seeing the sights, be sure to sample a glass with dinner or even an appetizer.

So, when planning a trip to Italy, be sure to put Orvieto on the itinerary. Otherwise you’ll miss out on a lot of history, culture, and fantastic wine!





Tagliatelle Al Fresco

2 tblsps of fresh lemon juice

2 tblsps of freshly chopped parsley

6 tblsps of extra virgin olive oil

12 fresh basil leaves

1 lb of tagliatelle pasta

In bowl combine all ingredients except pasta, set aside. Cook Tagliatelle as directed on package or if making fresh, cook till tender. Drain. Place pasta in a warm serving bowl. Pour lemon sauce over pasta, add pinch of salt and pepper to taste, toss and serve warm.

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“Mangia Bene, Vivi Bene”

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