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Thanksgivings’ past and Holiday Panettone

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panettone.jpgThanksgiving and each one -no matter how they are spent is always one for the memory books.  This year I was fortunate to have my feast with close friends and thier families. 

 The food was great but we also added in a touch of ‘warm feelings’ of sharing a meal with friends and family and then a pinch of memories from Thanksgivings’ past  that I always carry with me no matter where  I go.. and this was our formula for a great day..

Another one for my book of memories….

Now that the Holiday season has officially begun here is a recipe for the traditional Italian Christmas bread. This is an easier recipe and after you make this look for my recipes that use leftover panettone (that is if you have any leftover).

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 “Mangia Bene, Vivi Bene”


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