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Umbria Jazz and the bubbly…

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prosecco.jpgUmbria jazz festival is in town (Orvieto). This year the festival is highlighting gospel music and the music of Duke Ellington..but one never knows who will show up. One year-Sting-who  lives in Umbria- showed up unannounced. You can check out the festival here. at

If you want to join the culinary tour and cooking classes I will be hosting during the summer version of Umbria jazz, just email Sue at It will be a program of wine and olive oil tasting as well as cooking classes and visits to some special places and a stay in a beautiful Umbrian farmhouse resort..

Nothing goes better with great food and wine than great music, so the festival really fits in well with the culinary programs we are doing here (in Orvieto). Great cooking and tasting during the day and then the jazz festival music at night really makes for a complete  Umbrian experience.

Besides cooking and great recipes and tasting we got to make a stop at the famous Champagneria in Orvieto…  and since it is the Holidays.. sparkling wine pairings-so popular this time of the year. The appetizers we made for this sparkiling wine pairing will be posted here in the next few days.

But remember that sparkling wines can be used for any occasion not just for Holidays. They make any dinner or luncheon a special one. For some suggestions start off a meal with Prosecco di Conegliano e Valdobbiadene…  A great way to welcome your guests and to start the event.

To follow that with your appetizers of  ,quiche, salami and parmigiana-reggiano cheese try a Pinot noir which is a versatile spumanti. This can also be served with fish, vegetables, white meats, shellfish.

For the dessert course try a a  Moscato d’Asti which is perfect served with panettone or most cakes and pastries that contain fruit. Brachetto d’Acqui (which has become one of my favorites) can also be served with your dessert  course. This is a very versatile spumanti as well and I have received many emails asking where to purchase this. It is light with just tinge of sweetness.

And if you are serving some type of dessert that needs to be eaten with a spoon-like a creme bruleee or flan or pudding-go back to a Prosecco for dessert this makes a great accompaniment.

For more recipes get your copy of the best selling book The Basic Art of Italian Cooking at

Mangia Bene, Vivi Bene


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