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Quick Desserts with Amaretti

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amaretti-farciti.pngThe Basic Art of Italian Cooking Kitchen has been busy working on many a recipe.  Although you may be tired of dessserts from the Holidays..if you have any leftover amaretti cookies here is a great way to turn them into a quick, elegant dessert or tea cookie…

Filled Amaretti Cookies

*24 soft amaretti cookies

*1/2 cup of  cold espresso coffee with 2 tsps of sugar added

*1 tblsp hazelnut liqueur

*1/4 cup of nutella

*1/4 cup of pinoli nuts

*1 tblsp of colored ‘jimmies’ or confetti

Place the liqueur in a soup dish, then add in the coffee. Immerge (for about 2 seconds) the amaretti cookies in teh liquid one by one, just enough to get them wet but not too wet. Place on a grate. Chop the pinoli nuts. Cut amaretti cookies in half and spread about 1 tsp of nutell on bottom half. Place on top half.

Take 2 small squares of parchment paper. Sprinkle one wiht chopped pinoli nuts. Sprinkle the other with colored ‘jimmies’. Roll 12 of the amaretti cookies in pinoli nuts and place in small mini cupcake cups. roll the other 12 amaretti in ‘colored jimmies’ and place in mini cupcake cups.  Dust with confectioner’s sugar.  Place in refrigerator until ready to serve.

I will be travelling throughout Umbria Thursday through Monday for culinary programs and special events. Meeting with Borgo Fontanile in right outside of Orvieto  to make final plans for The Basic Art of Italian Cooking Boot Camp/ summer culinary program and tour in September. Borgo Fontanile has an organic farm right at the resort so it is always fun to be able to pick the organic ingredients right before we cook with them. This year we are planning to do the event right around grape harvest time so that all those that attend can be part of the wine making process as well.

I am also going to do an interview at  La Veranda right outside of the Medieval city of Todi..

So Stay tuned for some great recipes and videos upon my return….

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Mangia Bene, Vivi Bene,


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