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Saluti da Orvieto… Food, Wine & Conversation!!!

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Here in the little town of Baschi….right outside of Orvieto for The Basic Art of Italian Cooking school and the one coming in September. Last night, we had a wonderful welcome first from Domenico and Paola at our arrival in Baschi ( location of The Basic Art of Italian Cooking school)  and next from Velia & Gianluca (proprietors of) the world famous wine bar The Champagneria- in view of the magnificent cathedral in the center of Orvieto and in the main piazza. 

Gianluca, a talented sommelier  and Velia  a very talented cook- never fail to surprise you with their culinary acumen!!   You can  always count on Gianluca to recommend the best wines or sparkling wines to go with Velia’s creations!  The food and wine is always as exciting as the conversation and last night was no exception….from the exceptional Orvieto classico wine  served by Gianluca to the scrumptious focaccia bread and appetizers..can’ t forget her homemade chocolate torrone… whipped up by Velia to the stimulating conversation there.

And of course you never know who will stop by to add another point of view to the about 4 hours we went through every topic you can imagine from politics (Italy and the US) to food, to the state of economy, the Vatican, wines, how much we all ate for the non stop 2 week period of the Holidays, philosophy,opera, music,Orvieto, Abruzzo, Philadelphia, Boston, NY city, Rome..and I think that took us all the way into closing time (2 AM).

I always enjoy having a great conversation on  any topic here in Italy.  Italians are so passionate about any topic you are in the mood to discuss or philosophize about…always providing a good mental workout and a great discussion of differing points of view. But when great food and wine are present it only makes the conversation  and what may turn into  a heated discussion-that much more enjoyable.. 

Recipes and photos will be posted here shortly..stay tuned ..In the meantime.. Tanti Saluti da Orvieto and if you would like to join us in September for  the next The Basic Art of Italian Cooking School here in Orvieto….. email:  Reservations are hurry and reserve your week under the Umbrian sun, enjoying food, wine, beauiful views of the hills of Orvieto, Todi and surroundings, and of course The Basic Art of Italian Cooking school….

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Mangia Bene, Vivi Bene


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