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Vino, Vidi, Vici & More

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prosecco.jpgItaly has  always been considered the land of wine and rightly so. It was the Romans who further perfected wine for their use as a military strategy..great guns no ammunition….just use wine to conquer them.

Wine is so important and the perfecgt accompaniment to a great Italian meal. We have been including more and more wine pairings  in The Basic Art of Italian Cooking by Maria Liberati tm Cooking Programs and visiting and tasting many wines here I wanted to post some interesting tips on wine and serving wines.

When you seeve more than one wine with a meal, since many of us today pair wines with each course of a meal, here is the correct progression form first to last wine:
The corrrect procedure is  so that the wine before the next wine does not over power its’ predecessor.

*Serve new wines before aged wines

*If you are serving both light and robust wines, start out with light ones and gradually progress to more robust wines

*If you are serving dry and sweet wines begin with the dry wines and progress to sweet ones

*If you are serving aromatic wines begin with least aromatic and end with most aromatic

*If you are serving white, rose and red wines begin with white then progress to rose then finish with reds

More on wines in my next posts..

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