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Vino, Vidi, Vici (part 2) & Phytonutrients

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Ahh my two favorite things wine & healthy foods. Did you know also that wine contains phytonutrients..the very same substances that have been found to boost immunity and eye health.

 If you take a trip to phytolife, you will find some interesting information on phytonutrients and other substances they can be found in as well as how they benefit you. There are many delicious foods that you can find phytonutrients in and the first was wine but also many colorful fruits and vegetables as wel las whole grains.

My favorite article at phytolife pairs wine with vegetables…the perfect healthy combination.  To continue with the ‘vini,vidi, vici’ articles on wine while I am at The Basic Art of Italian Cooking Kitchen here in Italy here are more tips to follow when pairing wines with foods.

Remember there are no rigid or hard and fast rules about wine pairing. Most of the rules of wine pairing have been done by experts. However, you know your own personal taste, so use this as a guideline but enjoy the wine to your own taste..

*Don’t use wines with foods dressed with vinegar and/or lemons.

*Only serve the lightest white wines with artichokes

*Don’t serve wines with acidy fruits like grapefruit, apples, oranges, mandarin oranges

*Only certain wines go with chocolate (dark chocolate that is 60% or more cocoa has a lot of health benefits). Certain types of port wines  and usually sweet wines go well with chocolate.

*With delicate, light foods only serve delicate, light wines

*With robust dishes serve heavier, robust wines

*With dishes that have wine in the ingredients, serve the same wine used in the dish.

Here is more information on getting those health packed phytonutrients into your diet and your life

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