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Sacher Torte , part 2

Posted in Abruzzo, and Caro Diario.(dear diary..)

I can hear the fireworks outside my office window as I am writing . Alfonso would like to think they are shooting fireworks for his birthday but I know it is for a feast they celebrate in this part of Italy (abruzzo) Saint Antonio. Bonfires are lit in the street and a small  town in the mountains has a week long fest of eating ,processions and more.

This morning into this afternoon we proceeded with assembling the Sacher Tortes into this beautiful creation. Thank goodness we did this in two days. Yeserday we baked the cake layers. Today was filling and frosting..

Luckily I had some apricot marmelade left over from this summer’s preserves that I maade from the farm here. Apricot marmelade is used to fill the cake that has been cut in two. Then the laborious process of making the chocolate glaze begins. First a syrup of water and sugar has to be boiled slowly, then the dark chocolate added and then the mixture has to thicken and cool.

While that is being done 2 tblsps of apricot marmelade and 1 tablespoon of water have to be heated to a boil on the stove. This mixture has to be put through a sieve and then spread on top of the cake before it is iced.

Now it was item for the icing. The chocolate mixture was ooh so creamy and thick. Spreading it took the longest, to get it smooth on know just like in the photos..

More tomorrow, gotta go ..tonight we are tasting the Sacher tortes….

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