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Cookies or Biscotti..

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Biscotti is the Italian word for ‘cookie’ and cookies of any kind…..Nothing is better than the taste of a freshly baked cookie or the aroma of cookies baking in the oven.  Here at The Basic Art of Italian Cooking kitchen in Italy we are always baking up a fresh batch of some cookie (biscotti) or another in between other recipes….If you don’t have the time or energy to bake but want to give your family or friends a special home baked treat..David’s cookies provide a mouthwatering alternative. From fresh baked cookies to (my favorite)  freshly baked brownies…also fresh baked  cheesecake. David’s cookies is a great way to give those that you care about a taste of home baked products.

Or let David’s Cookies brighten up your kitchen with the smell of freshly baked cookies by ordering some frozen cookie dough…. pop in the oven and you will have a heavenly scent filling your kitchen…they will come running…..the aroma filling your kitchen are an important kitchen accessory or just as important as your decor…

Food is my favorite gift to give and to receive.  David’s Cookies also have a Cookie of the month club, gift baskets and more for friends, family and easy way to give a special gift without having to spend time in the kitchen. And all products are Kosher Dairy certified kosher.. I think the Cookie of the Month club is a spectacular way to have friends, family and even business clients thinking about you all year ’round..imagine that a special someone receives a reminder of you every month in the form of a cookie..a sweet way to keep someone thinking about you.

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