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Retro is Back..

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 Retro food is in..from comfort foods ,to preparing things from ‘scratch’. In the US of course we have macaroni and cheese,apple pie, meatloaf. In Italy retro is coming back in style- fashion, cars, clothing, design. Foods..can still be found that are prepared fresh and made by hand.. that is what the Slow Food Movement is no need for retro food there, just retro style..

Retro style  is coming back  in the US and some of it is also in a ‘green form’. Chevrolet has introduced a retro styled ‘1940 ish’ looking car the HHR or Heritage High Roof. It gets 32 miles to the gallon and is stylish for the small package it comes in…

So far the chevrolet reviews have been very favorable. Why I can just see myself ‘whizzing’ around the curves in Amalfi or the Riviera…hmmm.. maybe we wil take this on our next drive to the Italian Riviera…Great for gas mileage also and enough style to fit in….

But many of the chevrolet cars, including the Malibu hybrid-make it easy to be stylish at a reasonable cost and ‘green’ also. The Malibu has a hybrid engine so it is environmentally friendly and I think I could see myself taking a drive to the beach or the city in this beauty.. and use the money  saved  for a great bottle of have with dinner..when I am not driving…of course..

Just yours truly, expressing style through cars, food & wine… and the Italian Riviera..

Mangia Bene, Vivi Bene,


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