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Wines, Venice, Carnevale..

Posted in Caro Diario.(dear diary..), and Venice

 Have been blogging about  upcoming Carnevale and Venice in most of my posts in the past few weeks. But if you want to pick your wines for Valentines’ Day dinner- Venice also has some great wines to choose from.

Discover the wines of Venice here:

Join Me Sunday, Febraury 8th at 2 PM at Jenkintown, WHole Foods Market at 2PM for a book singing and Cooking class. The class will be a 4 course authentic Italian Valentine’s Day Dinner. Recipes and samples will be included. To register for this event call the store at 215-481-0707

For your copy of the best selling book The Basic Art of Italian Cooking go to

Mangia Bene, Vivi Bene,


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