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Indulgence in the Eternal City..

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 copyright, 2009, Maria Liberati

It is amusing to sit and watch how people that are extremely cold warm up. Some will stare in disbelief at their reddened hands, almost frozen and unable to move. Others seem to think that laughing  to shake off the cold’s icy touch is the best solution. Then there are those that will just sit without uddering a word, who seem to sit mute  almost as if  in shock.

After visiting the ‘square coliseum’, we knew we needed  some solution  to the cold wind.  The Solution ………was a visit to Palombini  (coffee bar) next door, the visions of sweet pillows of pastry and colorfully decorated cakes for Carnevale and Easter  was all that was needed to get us inside. That was the easiest decision, now came the world’s most difficult decision..what should we order or not order…

It was the perfect resting place for cold weary shoppers.. in the Eternal city how can anything but indulgence be your ,fashion, beauty, art, architeture..

To my next visit to Palombini and enjoy some tramezzini at home if you can’t meet me there.

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Mangia Bene, Vivi Bene


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