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Last weekend I did an onstage appearance at a large consumer trade show for cooking and foods.   It was difficult to concentrate on what I was cooking….in the front row sitting almost directly in front of me was a woman smoking a cigar.  

But even though we all have to be price conscious  now, you can still indulge in a cigar at discounted prices.

I guess I hadn’t realized it that smoking  cigars  is in fashion……. even for women. But the social club I belong to has added a cigar room and I have noticed females partaking in cigar smoking there..

There are also cigar tastings as much as wine tastings now, in fact I was recently hired to do a wine tasting event at a large luxurious vineyard that included a cigar tasting..

In 1921 there was an annual publication (in Italy) called Il Tabacco. In it appeared an article called ‘sigaromanzia’ and  the psychology of smoking cigars, all related  to the way a person holds their cigar while smoking.

*If you hold your cigar between your index and middle finger you were considered to be alkative, democratic, likeable.

*Hold it between your thumb and index finger and you were considered to be reasonable and thoughtful

*Hold the cigar using the tips of all fingers resting against the cigar and you were  considered elegant.

So cigars are not only a status symbol but the way you hold one reveals an insight into your personality..

You can find great deals online to purchase cigars at a discounted price.

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