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Lucky in Food & Style…..

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copyright 2009, Maria Liberati

My latest bestselling book gives a special thanks to my stylist for helping me develop and create my style throughout the years..however a review critic found this ‘strange’ and made a comment that this has nothing to do with a cookbook.

Eve though my book is not just a cookbook it is a recipe novel, I find it ‘strange’ that someone does not see any connection between food, cuisine, fashion and style. Is this just an American thing?? Well now along comes a Fashion brand that mirrors my style of food..Lucky Brand. It stands for a time when quality and pride came first..just like artisan foods.    They are produced using the methods that were created when pride and quality (not quantity) came first.

What began as  a brand of jeans,   Lucky Brand  has  now expanded into jewelry, clothes, accesories,handbags, eyewear. The styles and quality actually take you back to a time of small town America.  when it was ‘the norm’ to smell fresh apple pies ,made from scratch baking in the oven. 

But the one thing that I really love is that even though Lucky Brand harkens to the time of small town America, they also have their own style and don’t do it like anybody else..much like creating your own recipes. Follow that recipe and make soemthing ‘from scratch’ but add a touch of your own style and don’t compromise your style in giving up quality. The same philosophy I express in cooking.

And yes ,my books, even though the main subject is food and cooking are also related to style style..

Mangia bene, Vivi Bene,


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