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The kitchen has now become  the social point of many households  While once it was a place only to take meals and cook, it has now become a focal point of the house. The kitchen is used for entertaining, snacking  and chatting, a place where friends and family gather. But along with the family and friends gathering, it seems that also clutter can gather in this highly trafficked room.  Since we spend a lot of our time there, a lot of our belongings do as well- from pocketbooks keys, pens, mail, unnecessary gadgets and more. This begins to become a problem as the items that are out of place seem to start belonging.

Weed out items that don’t belong and begin by planning out specific areas in the kitchen for different functions. Where will you eat? Prepare food? wash food? store foods, cook food? store dinnerware? store appliances?   You can begin selecting your kitchen appliances -large and small- from the comfort of your home.

 But the trick to organizing your kitchen involves focusing on functionality. In each area of the kitchen place items  that are organized for what you do. If you have an area devoted to food preparation, select items such as                               food processors and mixers as well as others related to food prep for this area. These appliances also come in different color schemes so that they can also fit into your kitchen design. Next think also accessories and necessary gadgets for food prep. Spatulas come in handy for mixing and food prep chores. Choose at least two that differ in size.

Next think of where you will keep and/or where you can keep your dinnerware . Think of your color scheme and style when selecting dinnerware, but also size matters here- will plates, etc fit into your dishwasher, cupboards, cabinets.  Somewhere close by you may want to set aside space for your flatware

Your large appliances should also be well thought out when organizing the kitchen as well.  Will it be an eye level oven and cooktop or range with an oven. Think of form, function here and also space and comfort.

Refrigeratorsshould coordinate with style  and design of other appliances size also matters here. You want something to comfortably fit in your kitchen but something that  is big enough to keep your food fresh yet doesn’t take up an overabundance of space.  It is most convenient if your refrigerator is in close proximity to the sink.

The more efficient each area is, the more attractive that area will be. Emphasize the purpose of that area by your selection of items you keep there.

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