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A Girl Can Never Have Too Many Pots & Pans…

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It’s quite embarrassing but my shoe addiction seems to be have been taken over by my addiction for pots and pans. They have become so ‘stylish’ now and I have managed to pick up the simple to the architecturally designed pots and pans.  Luckily I have located enclume pot racks that are just as stylish and make it possible for me to amass and display my collection (of pots and pans that is).

Granted… I cook and write about food for a living but just how many pots and pans can a gal  use… (sounds like what my better half tells me about my shoe collection).

One style works incredibly with the style of my home kitchen so they work well if   displayed as part of the decor..

 Some of the others are great quality and equally as beautiful but just where do you fit them all.. Now in the corner of my kitchen, there is some free space left and I can see an enclume pot rack fitting in there.

What happened to the days of simple pots and pans, now we have colors to go with every decor and every finish. Of course I am partial to those with great quality, not extremely fond of non-stick cookware, and love the professionally engineered ones. But the one constant remains matter how you choose, it is best to have enclume potracks  on hand to help organize and display them in the kitchen


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