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Have a Kitchen Party!

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 copyright 2009, Maria Liberati

Editor: Erin Kuhns

Dinner parties are notorious for beginning or ending in the kitchen. There is something appealing and inviting about what is perhaps the most indispensable room in the house. Kitchens invite people to experience and to get involved. Guests gather together, sip a glass of Merlot, meet new friends, and catch up with old ones. The host may put some guests to work or simply enjoy their company while she prepares the finishing touches to the meal. There is something almost mystical about the connection between the art of preparing food and the bond among friends.


A kitchen need not be fancy, newly decorated or have all of the newest gadgets in order to be filled with happy, chattering guests; it simply needs to exist. Even the tiniest kitchenettes could probably boast a time or two where the cook bumped around making dinner while visiting with her guests as they crammed themselves in the doorway.


Worldwide, kitchens draw people like a magnetic charge. Some could argue it’s the aroma of dinner wafting through the air, calling guests and hosts together; others might say it’s simply the basic charm of a kitchen. Whether an impromptu pot-luck or a formal dinner party, the kitchen tends to bring about a sense of comfort that most cannot resist. It is the place where the food is prepared; and where there is food, there is love. So it only makes sense that this is the place where friendships are forged and conversations abound.


Kitchens can hold the key to some incredible conversations. Remember: when you host your next dinner party, be sure to allow some kitchen-time in there, for doing so will virtually guarantee your guests will leave extra satisfied and content.

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Special events & book signings coming up:

Tuesday, June 2nd 7 PM- Book Signing & Cooking on a Budget with The Basic Art of Italian Cooking with Celebrity Chef Maria Liberati. Recipes from her best selling book and The Basic Art of Italian Cooking School in Italy. Samples provided. Kenilworth Library, 548 Kenilworth Blvd., Kenilworth, NJ 908-276-2451



June 4th- Foster’s Gourmet Store ,Philadelphia, Pa, 399 Market St, phila, Pa 19195 215-925-0950

Call Temple Univ to register call Temple Univ continuing ed at 215-204-6946. Includes 4 course sample of authentic Italian picnic $55


June 6th- Horsham Day-Book signing and The Basic Art of Italian Cooking School demo with Celebrity Chef Maria Liberati. Deep Meadow Park 1-3 PM


June 7th-Book signing and on stage appearance-Chicago Tribune Literary Festival- Printer’s Row Chicago. Celebrity Chef-Maria Liberati will be bringing The Basic Art of Italian Cooking School to Chicago along with a book signing. The Basic Art of Italian Cooking was one of the books specially selected to be a part of this annual event. For more info

June 11th- Whole Foods Market Jenkintown, summer recipes and book signing-6:15 PM

June 15th- Book signing and Cooking on A Budget with The Basic Art of Italian Cooking. Demo of how to cook on a budget with recipes from the best selling book,samples and recipes provided. Willingboro Library- 220 Willingboro Parkway, Willingboro, NJ


For info or to attend any of these events email:

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