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Cookies, Brownies & Tarts..oh my!!

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For your summer picnics remember  ‘delicious and uncomplicated’ easy cookies, brownies always make great desserts for your summerfest..easy to eat outside, portable and yummy. Paired with ice cream, sorbet, or alone the easy sweet. David’s Cookies makes your summer picnics and parties easy with their delicious online selection of these delights.

But of course if you want that fresh baked taste and the fragrance that fresh baked cookies and brownies add to your house..David’s cookies also has fresh cookie dough. I love getting the cookie dough because it givs me a chance to be creative in a pinch (since I don’t have to spend a lot of time to make the dough) and I can cut them small, large, square, in circular, rectangular, anyway I want to fit them in to the dessert I am making.

Another summer favorite get together of mine is to have a Sunday brunch with small personal tarts and coffee or tea.  Sometimes I  don’t have time to bake the tarts and David’s  cookies can provide them as well…. And free shipping is provided on some items..but hurry you can  get them in time for your Fourth of July event. They have a festive red white and blue tart made with blue and red berries and cheesecake… patriotic and luscious at the same time..

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