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The G 8 Pizza-Mixing Food & Politics

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Mixing Food ,Thursday and Friday there is a G8 summit happening in Abruzzo  ..specifically in L’Aquila the city that suffered  the powerful earthquake this past April.

Word is that Obama was so cusious to know what the Guerriero di Capestrano is that the Premier of ItalySilvio Berlusconi took the statue from it’s home in Capestrano to a place in L’Aquila. The Guerriero (warrior) of Capestrano dates back to many years before Christ and also symbolizes Abruzzo and it’s strength it put up agains the mighty ancient Romans.

Also interesting to note is the invention by a ‘fornaio’ or baker named Mimmo  in L’Aquila of the G8 Pizza.- especially for the G8 summit of World Leaders. So what makes the G8 pizza-a topping of alll the specialties of Abruzzo- potatoes, zuchini, peppers, pepper and extra virgin olive oil from L’Aquila

Here’s a photo of the G8 Pizza

See you tomorrow at Whole Foods, Jenkintown at 6:15 PM for the Outdoor Kitchen cooking class.

July 16th at Whole Foods, Annapolis

July 18th at Whole Foods, Fairfax Virginia for a Tuscan Picnic, and wine pairing

July 31-August 2nd Atlantic City food and wine festival

Mangia Bene, Vivi Bene,



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