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Sorbetto di Caffe for a Monday

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sorbetto di caffe

 copyright 2009, Maria Liberati

Today is a coffee Monday! Even though I have heard that drinking hot coffee in the heat of summer keeps your body cool, you may want  to drink your coffee cool on a hot summer day.

The dish for today in The Basic Art of Italian Cooking Kitchen was a Sorbetto di Caffe (Coffee Sorbet). It was great as an after dinner dessert..replacing my usual cup of hot coffee.

It’s really quite easy, made with simple  ingredients, no special equipment  needed to make it. Before the summer is gone try this for a dessert or a cool afternoon treat! Reminds me a of a stroll through the center of Rome and taking a coffee sorbetto in one of the chic coffee bars.. I can see it now..passing the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain the hot Roman sun beating down and nothing but a sorbetto di caffe will do!

Sorbetto Di Caffe

*1/4 cup of white sugar

*4 espresso size cups of espresso  coffee

*1 cup water

Make 4 cups of espresso in a 4 cup of espresso and let cool.In a saucepan place 1 cup coffee sorbetcooled coffee. Place ina feeezer container or ice tray. In one hour stir mixture, and stir again in 2 hours. Then let freeze.  When frozen solid it is ready to serve. Stir with a dollop of whipped cream

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